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How to Sign-up Your Student for Sports

To sign your child up for middle school sports, you will need to log into your ParentVUE account. From your ParentVUE account, click on the ‘School Links’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Next, Click on athletic registration forms at the top of the screen. Then select Cedarcrest school’s athletic forms from the menu and complete the online athletic forms. Once the athletic forms are completed online, your child’s school will be immediately notified. 

You must have a current copy of your child’s sports physical on file with the school to complete the eligibility process. Physical forms must be valid for the entire athletic season in which your child is participating. **IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you retain a copy of your child's physical for your records. Cedarcrest is not responsible for providing the family/student with a copy of the physical after it is submitted. If you need a copy of your child's physical PRIOR to submitting it, please let the office staff know.

Please be advised: These forms can only be accessed from parent accounts. 

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to sign-up.

If you do not have a ParentVUE account, please click here or contact your school district at 253.800.2000.

Middle school

  • Fall: Track, Baseball, and Fastpitch
  • Winter I: Girls Basketball, Wrestling
  • Winter II: Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer
  • Spring: Football, Volleyball, and Girls Cross Country

 Locations for Walk-In Physicals

Multicare - Spanaway Clinic
225 176th St. South
Spanaway, WA 908387
Phone - (253) 792-6527

Spanaway General Medical Clinic
15005 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma,WA 98444
Phone - ( 253) 537-3724

South Hill General Medical Clinic
10209 13 St E. 
Puyallup,WA 98374
Phone - (253) 848-1535

Expectations for Student Spectators

Chargers are SAFE:

  • Arrive to the sporting event no sooner than 30 minutes before it begins. (If the event starts at 5:00pm, you may arrive at 4:30pm). 
    • Students who do not meet this expectation or are not supervised by a staff member until the event will not be allowed to attend the event
    • Students must attend school for at least a ½ day in order to attend an after school event
  • Students are to sign in with their legal first and last name, and lunch number
  • Leave immediately at the end of the event
    • You must have a way to get home as soon as the event is over
    • Failure to leave immediately will result in a warning and then suspension from all after school activities
  • Always be under the supervision of an adult
    • Stay in the location of the event and focus on the event  
    • No wandering around
  • Taking pictures and/or video without a person’s prior approval is not permitted

Chargers are RESPECTFUL:

  • Stay at a voice level of 0-3, at the appropriate times
  • Be considerate of other people around you
  • Stay seated
  • Hold the door for other students
  • Use school appropriate language
  • Public displays of affection are not permitted (you are still at a school sponsored event)

Chargers are RESPONSIBLE:

  • Students are to sign in with their legal name, and lunch number.
  • Go directly to the event
    • For Example: Go directly to the gym and sit in the bleachers
  • Stay in the location of the event and focus on the event  
  • Go to the bathroom and directly back to the event
  • No wandering around
  • No hanging out outside of the event
  • Follow all directions given by adults


  • At an Event:
    • First Infaction = Warning
    • Second Infraction = Removal from the event
  • Repeated Behaviors:
    • First Infraction = Warning (If a student is removed from an event, this will serve as their warning)
    • Second Infraction  = Removal from all afterschool activities for the season/home contact (If a student is removed from an event for the second time during the school year, this will be considered their second infraction)
    • Third Infraction = Removal from all afterschool activities for the year/meeting with parent (If a student is removed from an event for the third time during the school year, this will be considered their third infraction)

Important Notice: These expectations are meant to be a guide and are not all-inclusive of all district and school rules and policies. Any student who willfully performs any act that interferes with the orderly operation of a school, a school sponsored activity, or any other aspect of the educational process within the Bethel School District is subject to discipline, suspension, or expulsion (policy 3240). Any acts that have been identified as exceptional misconduct offenses may result in immediate removal from the event and school discipline.

Cedarcrest Athletic Director

Kevin Lewis